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My name is Milanne Rehor. I am not going to tell you how old I am. I have a B.A. in Philsophy from Connecticut College for Women. I chose an all woman school very deliberately. I wanted to get as close as I could to a monastic scholastic experience with an echo, however faint, of the devotion to Academe that was prevalent in the Middle Ages. It wasn't so bad. The opposite sex was always available on weekends.

I have an M.Ed. in Audio Visual Education from Boston University. I've divided the rest of the details into three sections: What I've Done, How I Live and Why.

Click here for a 2002 in the field photo.

What I've Done:

  • Assistant to the Editor at the Ocean Press division of United Press International in New York City (one year).
  • Feature writer for a daily newspaper on Long Island, New York, did layout for same (three years).
  • Media consultant at a public school in New England
    (three years).
  • Writer/Editor for the Sea Grant program at the University of Miami (one year).
  • Assistant to the Director of Exhibits at Planet Ocean Museum (now defunct), once a part of the International Oceanographic Foundation (nine years).
  • Started a resort wear design and manufacturing business (five years).
  • Ran a yacht maintenance business (six years).
  • Started the Abaco Wild Horse Fund.
  • I have done freelance graphics design, fine art, photo retouching, typesetting, prepress work, web site design and book design.
  • Currently I work 7/24 for the Abaco Horses, no salary. .

How I Live:

In between the various careers I rebuilt several wooden sailboats, and found the one I've lived on and maintained since 1974. My boat's name, ALNILAM, means "String of Pearls" in Arabic, and refers to the middle star in the belt of the constellation Orion. She was built in 1965 and is a 35' long sloop. For those who are interested, she is a Magellan 35 designed by Eldredge and McGinnis, built by Robert Newton & Sons in Hong Kong. I enjoy having friends aboard for offshore passages but do most of my coastal sailing single handed. Have done several solos Miami to Abaco.

I live at anchor in Abaco about a quarter of a mile from shore. This means that no matter what I decide to do on land I first have to get there in a dinghy. I generate my own electricity with solar panels (have not needed the back up wind generator for years).. This whole site was originally designed and coded at sea..

I catch my own water, and only occasionally have to carry water from the well at the horse Preserve. In the past I always had two dogs on board, sometimes three but that's been impractical lately and they all live at the Preserve now .The present dog count is 12. . I try to be vegan but sometimes I fail, briefly. I try to live lightly on the planet. I know I don't always succeed, I use epoxy and fiberglass and other not so friendly materials but my home's heart is wood, and I hope that I've minimized my impact.


My abiding passions, through all the changes in my life, have been the sea and my home upon it; trying to help support all the glorious life forms that homo sapiens is destroying; and doing my art when I can because, for the most part, the art does me. Averything is now devoted to the effort to provide a future for the Wild Horses of Abaco.

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